Notice: - Dear all, We are accepting both domestic and international orders. Don't place any immediate orders, that you need in 2 or 3 days. Due to Covid 19 situation, courier services delay than usual time. Expected delivery 8 to 15 working days. WhatsApp to 9751248777 to follow up.

How Seller Account Work

Dear Seller

Greeting from Viraja Fashionista,

Myself Mrs.Ezhil. I am the owner. 

Weclome aboard, We will join together to improve our business.

You may be wondering that you need to pay any extra fees or commisson.  No you wont.

We dont have COD option. so you can relax. 

And we dont accept returns/exchange, unless if its any damage. No returns/exchange based on color/quality issues.

You can visit our return policy link here


We believe that our sellers will provide good quality. if any issues, we will work together to resolve immediately.

You are going to quote your wholesale price including shipping, we will add our price according to the market value.

Your Payment will be in three days of the order. you need to process the order and submit tracking details.

For the sellers who gives best quality and prompt delivery, they will be elligible to get payment first and then dispatch.

For any queries, you can call/WhatsApp 9751248777