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Product Code : 1089
Book Name : ஸ்ரீ மத் பக்வத் கீதை
Author Name : க. ஸ்ரீதரன்
Narmadha Publications
Pages : 676
Weight: 1.406 GR
On the first day of war between Gouravas and Pandavas in Gurukshetra, Arjuna was afraid to fight with his own brothers, blood relatives and his friends, In order to give him boost  and encourage him to fight, Sri Krishna started to teach him of dharmas from day 1 to day 18, that's called as "Gita " then become, "Srimath Baghavad Gita".
It has 18 cantos
This book has the Bashyam of three popular Acharyas "Sri Sanakarachariyar,Sri Madhwachariar,and Sri Ramanujar.
Their bashyams will help us to understand "Bagavad Gita" well.

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